Our Mission

Ariela U.S. raises awareness about the severe socioeconomic struggles facing Israeli youth of Ethiopian origin and supports projects that advance their successful integration, economic self-sufficiency, and achievement of excellence. 


“Ariela U.S. is proud to make grants that support the Ariela Project of Olim Beyahad.” 


Olim Beyahad's vision is that the Ethiopian immigrant community will be successfully integrated in all aspects of mainstream Israeli life, including employment, housing, education, and social spheres. We aim to see excelling Ethiopian Israeli university graduates serving as leaders and role models within the Ethiopian community as well as in Israel’s economic and social strata. To learn more click here.


The Ariela Project fosters excellence among exceptionally gifted Ethiopian Israeli high school and university students, while encouraging them to fulfill their potential and dreams. The program is individually tailored and includes the educational and psychosocial support needed to maximize their abilities.

Among the services provided by the program: personal coaching, guidance and mentoring; a professional-social network, tutoring and scholarships for higher education, assistance in purchasing professional equipment, group enrichment meetings, and more.

The program was originally established by the “Ariela Foundation” and merged into Olim Beyahad in 2014, following our decision to expand our services to include youth. We believe that by providing its young participants with the proper tools and instilling them with self-esteem, we will help them embark on the path of excellence and leadership, and will facilitate their future long-term success.

The program currently serves over 45 participants and during the 2016-2017 we plan to serve 60-70 participants. We hope to establish partnerships with several local municipalities in order to open local program centers in defined geographical regions and expand the program’s impact.


  • Tutoring
  • Personalized life skills coaching
  • Leadership-building skills through experiential learning activities
  • Educational enrichment activities, including educational field trips and workshops with leading professionals (scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes)
  • Individual financial support as needed for selected students to work toward professional and educational advancement
  • Family involvement workshops, training parents to become positively involved in their children’s academic and personal success
  • Community service is a vital component of our students’ experience with Ariela. Students learn to give back to the community by volunteering in tailor-made programs and serving as role models
  • Consistent support for each year from middle school through army service and university