Our Mission

Ariela U.S. raises awareness about the severe socioeconomic struggles facing Israeli youth of Ethiopian origin and supports projects that advance their successful integration, economic self-sufficiency, and achievement of excellence. 


Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are very excited and happy to share with you the news that the Ariela Foundation in Israel has merged with the Olim Beyahad organization, which focuses on high level of job placement of academic graduates of Ethiopian origin.

Ariela U.S. is very proud of all the accomplishments of the Ariela Foundation over the past 6 years, making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of Ethiopian Israeli youths, and now looks forward to continue working to fulfill our mission and support the Ariela Project of Olim Beyahad. 

We are grateful to count you as part of the Ariela family and hope you may continue to follow and support the Ariela Project of Olim Beyahad and the endeavors of Ariela U.S. to promote the achievement of excellence amongst Ethiopian Israeli youth.


Daniel and Ivonne Goldberg
Ariela U.S.


Announcement from The Ariela Foundation-Israel 
by Doron Klein, General Manager

Re: Merger of Ariela Foundation Activities into Olim Beyahad
For the past 6 years and based on a unique approach towards social integration, the Ariela Foundation has actively promoted excellence amongst Ethiopian Jewry in Israel. Over this period, hundreds of participants and their families received holistic, long term assistance in the form of like skills for personal, educational and social advancement.
“Olim Beyahad” was founded in 2007 with the objective of changing negative stereotypes amongst employers and senior managers in the Israeli economy.  In the pursuit of this goal, Olim Beyahad focuses on high level job placement of academic graduates of Ethiopian origin that will serve as future role models within the community and Israeli society in general. As part of the organization’s core program, outstanding university graduates of Ethiopian origin with leadership qualities are identified and offered assistance programs including relevant professional tools combined with a network of professional volunteers.
The result of such activities is the establishment of a social network of Israelis of Ethiopian origin (and of non-Ethiopian origin) that assists in suitable employment as well as high profile social activities.
Taking into account very similar mission statements and the potential of widening the scope of activities whilst working more efficiently, the Boards of Directors of both organizations have approved the merger of Ariela activities into the Olim Beyahad organizational framework. Ariela activities will be integrated over the next few weeks and continue to operate under the name, the “Ariela Project.”
This merger decision was taken after serious consideration that took into account both potential opportunities and risks.  We are proud to be part of this endeavor which sends out an important message to other nonprofit organizations regarding the need to reduce the number of organizations with similar agendas in order to reduce overhead costs and increase the scope of social impact gained through more efficient work methods.
We take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and donors for the ongoing mutual work and hope you will continue to donate under the new framework of Olim Beyahad.
The new contact person will be the Managing Director of Olim Beyahad, Ms. Sigal Kanotopsky:
Part of the professional team at Ariela will be working under the new framework, including Ariela’s founder who will now serve as a member of the Olim Beyahad Board of Directors.